A machine is a set of mechanisms consisting of various machine elements such as gears, bearings and shafts in order to convert any type of energy into another energy, to do a job or to create an effect by using a certain power. Electronic or organic devices that do not have any mechanical parts are also within the scope of the machine.

Machines are developed to assist or completely replace human or animal power in performing a particular job or performing a physical function. They cover a wide range of devices, from simple machines such as levers, inclined planes, and spinning wheels to very complex systems such as a modern automobile.

Machines can operate by converting thermal, chemical, nuclear or electrical energy into mechanical energy or vice versa, or they can only function to transmit or adapt forces and motion. All machines have input and output equipment and adaptation or conversion and transfer equipment.

Developing technology for machine manufacturing provides a lot of convenience and thus, special machine manufacturing has become widespread. This technology both reduces the use of manpower and prevents the margin of error in production.

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