Ensuring the identity of the industrialist, following the economic and industrial activities as well as the registration of industrial enterprises, collecting the necessary data and the information to be obtained from these data; Industry Registry Law No. 6948 was put into effect in 1957 in order to ensure that it is used in many areas such as creating industrial policy, directing investments and preparing supports. The task of keeping the register of industrial enterprises in order to produce industrial statistics and analysis was given to the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. The aforementioned task is carried out electronically by the Provincial Directorates of Science, Industry and Technology, under the responsibility of the General Directorate of Industry, in accordance with the principles of the Industry Registry Communiqué no.

The Industry Registry Information System is a living system, and new registrations are made every day and there are also registration cancellations. There are currently around 137 thousand industrial enterprise records in the system. The PRODTR-Industrial Products List, which is used in the European Union countries in the industrial registry database and harmonized by TURKSTAT, is used for the coding of products, and it is possible to obtain all kinds of information on a sectoral basis with this system. While a wide range of data such as electricity consumption, capacity and actual production amount, number of employees related to the industrial enterprise are kept in the industrial registry database, the said information is updated with the Annual Operation Charts that the companies have to submit every year.

In this context, LONCA Internet portal (www.lonca.gov.tr) has also been prepared by the Ministry, based on the industrial registry database, and offered to users.


According to the law; places where metals are extracted and processed continuously and serially by changing the quality, shape, precision or composition of a substance partially or completely with the help of machinery, device, workbench, tool or other means and forces or only by manual labor or by processing these materials places are industrial enterprises, the works done here are industrial works and those who operate these places are considered industrialists. Establishments that make continuous and serial repairs, power plants that produce electricity or other energy, large construction sites such as shipbuilding, and enterprises that produce information technology and software are also included in the scope of this article. Exceptions are handicrafts and small repair shops.


While small, medium and large enterprises have a capacity report requirement for information on machinery and installation, production capacity and consumption capacity, industrial enterprises with micro enterprise qualifications (employing less than 10 employees per year and annual net sales revenue or financial balance sheet not exceeding one million TL). ) company statement is considered sufficient.


The Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology shares information such as title, address, contact and product name, prepared by data mining from industrial registry data of industrial enterprises, with the Internet portal Lonca. In addition to information about industrial enterprises, the Guild also offers some other information concerning industrial enterprises.

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