Gilman Machine

"We Produces Machines
That Guide The Yarn”

Get to Know Us

Since 1985, GILMAN machine has been continuing the route of Sefer İbili for the purpose of manufacturing and trading of textile machinery.

GILMAN machinery and engineering, which has many years of experience with his 35 year history, has been exporting to Turkey and abroad. Our international exports; Egypt, Uzbekistan, Jordan, Kazakhistan, Tajikistan, Moldovie, Iran, India, Pakistan.

GILMAN machine, which has been developing textile machines from yesterday to today produces yarn winding machine “Balabanli” soft winding machine with feeder, shuttle yarn folding machine. GILMAN machine is an organization consisting of experience engineers and expert staff. Our vision is to be the leader in the machinery sector by working focused on quality and costumer.

What we produce for you

  • Yarn Wrapper Machine (Balaban)
  • Shuttle Yarn Transfer Machine (Aleksander Masura)
  • Shuttle Yarn Transfer Machine
  • Shuttle Yarn Folding Machine
  • Cartela Machine
  • Shuttle Yarn Folding Machine (7 Coat)